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Wellness Telomeres Diagnostic offers two choices to accommodate your particular desire to understand your current Telomere Health situation. We offer you the opportunity to order a single test or receive a little discount by ordering a package of 4 tests with a predetermined testing timeline.

Advantages of using a package of four test service vs single test service.
1.Using single test, you will get the result of DNA testing with information regarding your telomere size as well as your biological age at the moment when a DNA test was done.

2.Using our package of four tests service, you will receive information not only about your biological age and the size of your telomeres but also the speed of telomere reduction or lengthen every 4 months throughout the year. If you started to improve your lifestyle or begin to use health supplements, you will be able to clearly observe any changes in the size of your telomeres every four months and, if necessary, adjust the selected choices currently in use.

Timing for the telomere DNA test

Using Wellness Telomeres Diagnostics, the telomere DNA test can be completed for a person of any age. Our company will provide you with a special noninvasive sample collection kit containing everything needed to easily collect your sample.

We provide special collection swabs, printed instructions as well as personal information forms to be filled out. Included in the kit is also a return envelope to send your samples back to our laboratory. Using our four test service, you will send samples every four months for DNA testing.


The procedure takes on average 10 business days, and the report contains one of the following results:
•For single test service: biological age of a tested person and the size of telomeres at the time when the DNA test was done in the laboratory.

•For four tests service: biological age of a tested person and the size of telomeres for the first DNA test and additional test results on the size of telomeres for every four months throughout the year.

Price for the Telomere DNA Test

The price of laboratory DNA testing for one test service is $119 (USD) and for four tests services is $458 (USD). Free shipment for two weeks delivery. If the customer wants to get his samples collection kit quickly additional shipping charges will be applied.

Benefits of our laboratory for telomere DNA testing

Our laboratory is offering a full package for our clients:

a. Non-invasive (buccal swabs) sample collection method. Samples will be collected in the home and sent to our laboratory for testing.

b. Results of each test are available online: the client can observe his progress in the size of telomeres at any time and in any place. If there were several tests, then the client can watch the special graphics: the size of your telomeres and time of the test.

c. Full confidentiality of our DNA testing: only the client has access to his results through a special password and user name.

d. Each report has the recommendation how to improve your lifestyle and keep your telomeres longer in the size.


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